Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Russia Day reception


Following the National Awards ceremony, a reception was held on the Kremlin’s Ivanovskaya Square for the national holiday, Russia Day.
June 12, 2018
The Kremlin, Moscow
During a reception for the national holiday, Russia Day.
During a reception for the national holiday, Russia Day.
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,
Greetings on Russia Day! 
Today we honour our country and we are united in our brightest and warmest feelings for Russia, in our pride in it and in the deeds of our predecessors, and our concern for the present and the future of the Fatherland.
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June 12, 2018
For us, Russia, the Homeland, is much more than the place where we were born and live. In our hearts, we feel an indissoluble bond to our history, spiritual values and moral principles. And this invisible but durable thread binds all generations together.
Our country has been through numerous critical times and severe trials. But our multinational people met all challenges with dignity and honour. The foundation, the core of this unity and tenacity has always been and always will be devotion to the Fatherland.
Today proactive love for Russia, responsibility for it, the readiness of each person to join in addressing national challenges and, no less importantly, the everyday challenges its people face – this is what guarantees the inviolable sovereignty of our state, a reliable foundation for the effective protection of our national interests.
We are well aware how many clever, talented, and brave people Russia is blessed with. They are capable of stunning success, achieving the seemingly impossible, making discoveries in science and technology, and creating masterpieces of culture admired the entire world over. The work of National Award winners is clear confirmation of this. I would like to once again congratulate you on the high esteem your services to the country and the Russian people are held in.
Friends, the path our country has travelled shows us that we can create, dream, constantly reach new heights, be strong and achieve the goals we set together.
No matter the kind of work each of us does, we always work for the prosperity of the Fatherland, for its rapid, breakthrough development for the sake of its people, for the high quality and level of their lives.
Let me propose a toast to our wonderful Homeland, to the prosperity of all the citizens of our country.

Happy holiday! Happy Russia Day!

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