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Friday, March 23, 2018

Address to Russia citizens


Vladimir Putin addressed the citizens of Russia following the announcement of the presidential election official results by the Central Election Commission.
March 23, 2018
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Citizens of Russia, friends,
Today the Central Election Commission announced the final results of the Russian presidential election.
Over 67 percent of voters, which is over 73 million citizens, took part in the voting. Over 56 million of them, which is over 76 percent, voted for the current Head of State. It sets a record in the history of our country.
On March 18, right after the preliminary results were announced, I addressed a rally on Manezhnaya Square and spoke at my election campaign headquarters. I thanked my supporters, everyone who voted, it was both necessary and timely that night.
However, given the large-scale and unprecedented support you gave me, I believe that the words of gratitude I said in the centre of Moscow are not enough. I feel the need to address you directly, all those who supported me across Russia, all citizens of Russia.
I believe that such spectacular civic engagement and your commitment as well as consolidation are crucially important. Especially today, when we are facing complex domestic and foreign challenges.
I know only too well about your problems. You, Russian citizens, are right to speak about low incomes, faults with the healthcare system, housing, utilities and other things as well.
The trust you put in me signifies for me primarily your hope for a change for the better. I expect that your praise is related to the work that has been done and those positive results that we have achieved over the past years.
But it is not enough, of course. We need to make a real breakthrough. Your active participation in the election and your support show that we are ready to carry out such work, as well as to strive towards achieving such change.
I am well aware of my enormous responsibility before the citizens of Russia, before this entire country. Everything I spoke about in the course of the election campaign must be done.
Of course, I would like the matters that citizens raised to be addressed as soon as possible – we will strive to do this. But promising to solve all these things immediately, right away, to make the necessary changes simply overnight, would be an absolutely irresponsible thing to do.
Vladimir Putin addressed the citizens of Russia following the announcement of the presidential election official results by the Central Election Commission.
Vladimir Putin addressed the citizens of Russia following the announcement of the presidential election official results by the Central Election Commission.
This would be nothing but a grand gesture, like showing off something designed only to have an immediate, short-term effect. What we really need is consistent, profound change, planned steps that will result in a stable positive outcome not only today but in the future as well.
We will be creating new jobs and increasing the effectiveness of our economy, increasing the real income of our citizens, reducing poverty, developing infrastructure and the social sphere – education and healthcare, addressing environmental and housing problems, and we will continue to renovate and revamp small cities and villages. All of this should be based on a powerful technological breakthrough, which is yet to be made.
I spoke about all these matters in the Address to the Federal Assembly. It is, essentially, a clear, concrete, detailed plan of our common action. I am sure that it is realistic, right and valid.
At the same time, I would like to emphasise that all the forthcoming decisions, even the most difficult ones, will be motivated by one thing only, the need to eliminate the backlogs that still exist in various spheres, to ensure the country’s dynamic development and a brand new quality of life for the people, as well as to address the historical challenges that we face today.
And the most important thing – in the end, all these decisions will be taken exclusively for the benefit of our country, our citizens, our children and future generations.
We will act openly and discuss all our major decisions with the public, we will also explain why we are acting in this or that way and we will explain which goals we want to achieve. Let me stress that our development agenda is meant to be consolidating and to unite the entire nation.
I would like to address all public and political forces in the country. I understand that the logic of political competition is in criticising those in power, from the left, from the right, always.
Yes, criticism, debates and discussions are necessary and important but they must be free from irresponsible populism. The national interests and the wellbeing of the people must be the main guideline for everybody, especially today. It is the ground for our consolidation and collaborative work.
I want to address those citizens who voted for other candidates. I respect your choice and opinion. Political preferences must not divide us. We are all patriots of our country and we have one common concern, that of Russia’s future and prosperity.
Our unity, responsibility, common understanding of goals and aspirations of millions of people must be turned into Russia’s development and powerful progress.
Thank you all once again for your support and trust. I am certain that together we will succeed.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump


Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the United States Donald Trump at the latter’s initiative.
March 20, 2018

Donald Trump congratulated Vladimir Putin on his victory in the presidential election. The leaders spoke in favour of developing practical cooperation in various areas, including efforts to ensure strategic stability and combat international terrorism, with particular emphasis on the importance of coordinated efforts to curb an arms race.

The exchange on economic cooperation revealed an interest in bolstering it. Energy was discussed separately.

The problem of Syria was discussed, as was the internal crisis in Ukraine. There was recognition on both sides of the need to make rapid strides toward achieving settlements.

Satisfaction was expressed with the limited reduction of tensions around the Korean Peninsula. The expediency of continuing consistent efforts to resolve the situation by peaceful, diplomatic means was underscored.

It was agreed to develop further bilateral contacts in light of the changes in leadership at the US Department of State. The possibility of organizing a top-level meeting received special attention.

On the whole, the conversation was constructive and businesslike, with a focus on overcoming the accumulated problems in Russian-American relations.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Meeting with candidates for post of Russian Federation President


Vladimir Putin met with candidates who ran in the presidential election.
March 19, 2018
The Kremlin, Moscow
Meeting with candidates for post of Russian Federation President.
8 of 11
Meeting with candidates for post of Russian Federation President.
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, colleagues.
The election campaign is over, and I wanted to meet with you. I hope that today we will talk, first of all, about the campaign, and most importantly, about what needs to be done to ensure that all the positive elements (and there were a lot of them during the election campaign) are taken into account in the future practical work of the executive and legislative branches of government.
Of course, an election campaign is always a special period, it is associated with special emotions, and often they are quite overwhelming. It happens almost everywhere, and we are no exception here. The main thing is that we have the opportunity to join efforts in the future for constructive work for the benefit of the country.
met today with the heads of the central headquarters, the co-chairs of my campaign, and I want to repeat once again, the main emphasis in the future work of the executive branch will be on solving the country’s domestic problems. First of all, this means ensuring economic growth rates, making innovation part of the character of our economy, resolving specific issues in healthcare, education and science as well as ensuring the prosperity of our people on the basis of these elements.
This is the final goal of any government in Russia; it is nothing original, and, moreover – by the way, almost all of you noted this in your campaigns – we have the problem of a gap between those who earn a lot, have large incomes and those who live humbly, to put it mildly. The state must close this gap and, as I have said many times, reduce the number of people living below the poverty line, especially those with jobs. The kind of situation where someone works but receives contemptible pay should not be allowed in Russia.
At a meeting with candidates for post of Russian Federation President.
At a meeting with candidates for post of Russian Federation President.
Of course, we must and will pay the necessary attention to further bolstering the country’s defence capability. But let me tell you outright that no one is going to start some arms race. On the contrary, we are going to pursue constructive relations with all countries of the world. We will aim for constructive dialogue, without question, and encourage this among our partners.
But, of course, not everything depends on us. There must be interest on both sides, like in love, or there will be no love. However, we, on our side, will do everything possible to resolve all disputes with our partners through political and diplomatic means. In addition to this, of course, our position has always been and will always be that we will fight to uphold our national interests. Our operating assumption is that we will do all this work with our partners on a mutually acceptable basis, showing respect for each other and for our national interests.
Regarding military expenditures. There are planned reductions in defence spending both this year and next year. This will not bring about any problems in our defence capability because the major expenditures on creating cutting-edge weapon systems were made in previous years. We have to bring some matters to their logical conclusion, and continue with current designs, which I have not yet spoken about. We have run all the calculations. The money we are going to put to these ends will suffice, there will be no increases, and we will not allow a new arms race. We have everything, in this sense we are securely provided for. Yet we will pursue our aims steadily and according to plan.
At a meeting with candidates for post of Russian Federation President.
At a meeting with candidates for post of Russian Federation President.
This is what I would like to focus on at the end of my monologue. I spoke about it at the rally yesterday, if you had time to watch and if you took notice. I think it is crucial for us to unite the efforts of all political parties, civic organisations, the public in the broadest sense of the word, to unite our efforts around a positive agenda, to solve the tasks the country is facing, and to overcome the challenges Russia is up against. There may be no simple solutions; they may require additional explanation.
I strongly hope that we will always be guided by the long-term interests of Russia and the Russian people, with group or party preferences coming second.
I understand that this is not easy, there is always a temptation to exploit certain decisions made by the government that require additional public explanation. But I urge you to engage in an open and honest dialogue that advances long-term national interests.
This is what I wanted to begin with. Let us discuss our ideas about what we need to do together to solve the problems facing the country.


Answers to media questions


Vladimir Putin answered questions from Russian and foreign journalists following the completion of the presidential election.
March 18, 2018
Vladimir Putin answered questions from Russian and foreign journalists following the completion of the presidential election.
Vladimir Putin answered questions from Russian and foreign journalists following the completion of the presidential election.
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good evening.
Question: Good evening. What is your predominant emotion today? How do you feel, and what plans do you have for tomorrow?
Vladimir Putin: The predominant emotion is gratitude to the voters for their choice, for the trust they have placed in me. Gratitude for their assessment of our work in these past years and for the hope they have so clearly demonstrated that we will continue working, that our expanded team and I, their humble servant, will continue working as hard as before and that we will achieve even better results. We have every chance to achieve great practical results.
Question: We were closely monitoring the election campaign in Russia. The tragedy with Skripal happened at the height of the election race. How do you see Russia’s future relations with Europe? Is Europe a partner or maybe the main opponent?
Vladimir Putin:  Regarding the tragedy you have mentioned, I learned about it from the media. The first thing that comes to mind is that, had it been a warfare agent, the victims would have died immediately. It is an obvious fact, which must be taken into account. This is first.
The second is that Russia does not have such chemical agents. We destroyed all our chemical weapons, and international observers monitored the destruction process. Moreover, we were the first to do this, unlike some of our partners who promised to destroy their chemical weapons but have not done so to this day, regrettably.
Therefore, we are ready for cooperation, as we said immediately. We are ready to take part in any investigations necessary, provided the other side wants this too. We do not see their interest so far, but we have not removed the possibility of cooperation on this matter from the agenda.
As for the overall situation, I believe that any reasonable person can see that this is total nonsense. It is unthinkable that anyone on Russia would do such a thing ahead of the presidential election and the FIFA World Cup. Absolutely unthinkable.
However, we are ready for cooperation despite the above things. We are ready to discuss any issues and to deal with any problems.
Question: The voter turnout across the country was high but, unfortunately, Ukraine restricted Russian nationals’ right to vote. What is your opinion? And how can Russia retaliate?
Vladimir Putin: It is a disgrace. It is a violation of all generally recognised international norms. But Russia will not retaliate. For us Ukraine and Ukrainians are a brotherly people. I have always said that. We will not respond with any restrictions; on the contrary, we will do everything for Ukrainians to feel at home in Russia.
Question: Mr President, yesterday you congratulated President Xi Jinping. You expressed confidence that bilateral relations will be filled with new content. What kind of new content?
Vladimir Putin:  President Xi Jinping has set very ambitious goals for China’s development for himself and the country. We wish success to the Chinese leadership and the Chinese people in tackling these tasks. These ambitious projects include President Xi Jinping’s concept of the Silk Road and the economic component of the Silk Road.
I will not go into the details of our cooperation but we believe it is perfectly in line with our projects to build the Eurasian Economic Union and the Eurasian partnership in a broader sense.
Our interests here are the same. There are plenty of very practical joint efforts in this area. And we will continue this work.
China is our strategic partner. Russia and China enjoy an unprecedented level of relations. We value them greatly. We congratulate Xi Jinping on his re-election as President of China for another term and express confidence that China under his leadership and, on our part, Russia will by all means do everything to expand the Russia-China cooperation.
Question: When should we expect changes in the Government? Before or after the inauguration?
Vladimir Putin:  Any changes in the Government should be made by the President who has assumed office for the next term. So, for now, I will be thinking what to do and how. I think the main changes will happen after the inauguration.
Question: A clarification follow-up to my colleague’s question: have you decided on a new Prime Minister? Could it be Dmitry Medvedev again?
And my second question is, do you have plans to carry out a constitutional reform during the new presidential term that could be related to a re-distribution of authority between the branches of power?
Vladimir Putin: I do not plan any constitutional reforms yet.
As concerns the Prime Minister and the Government overall, I have already said that I am thinking about it, of course, and I will think more specifically starting today because I needed to wait until the election results. But all the changes will be announced after the inauguration.
Question: What do you think about the return of the United States’ Monroe Doctrine to Latin America?
Vladimir Putin:  We know the whole history of relations between the United States and Latin America. Those are complicated relations essentially forged by gunboats and certain political and economic pressure.
But I really hope that today’s Administration has the opportunity, and it will indeed take the opportunity to build relations in the 21st century based on equality and respect for each other’s interests.
We are interested in a positive development of relations in the world between states on all continents and the international agenda proceeding from this premise.
Question: I still would like to clarify. Do you allow the possibility of becoming President again in 2030 if you do not change the Constitution?
Vladimir Putin:  Listen to me. I think what you are saying is somewhat ridiculous. Let us count. Am I supposed to be President until I am 100 years old? No.
Question: Do you plan to meet with other presidential candidates?
Vladimir Putin:  Yes, I do.
Remark: When?
Vladimir Putin:  I plan to meet with them. I do not know when yet, we will see. The Executive Office will contact them, we will agree and I will invite them to a meeting.
Remark: All of them?
Vladimir Putin:  All of them.
Question: Mr President, in the next six years, will we see a new Vladimir Putin or the same one?
Vladimir Putin:  Everything changes. Thank you very much.
Remark: Including you?
Vladimir Putin:  We all change.

Vladimir Putin addressed rally on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow


Speaking at a Russia. Sevastopol. Crimea concert rally on Moscow’s Manezhnaya Square, the President thanked his supporters.
March 18, 2018
Vladimir Putin addressed rally on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow.
Vladimir Putin addressed rally on Manezhnaya Square in Moscow.
Vladimir Putin: Friends,
Thank you for coming here, to the heart of our nation’s capital, on this cold Moscow evening. Thank you very much for your support.
I would like to address those who are here in Moscow tonight, as well as supporters across our vast country. Thank you very much for this result.
Remark: We are your team!
Vladimir Putin: Exactly! We are a single team, I am a member of this team, and all those who cast their ballots today are members of our large national team. For me, this is an acknowledgement, to say the least, of what we have achieved in recent years despite the challenging conditions.
I see this as a sign of trust and hope, the hope of our people that we will work as hard, with the same responsibility and effectiveness as before. Thank you for being such a powerful, millions-strong team. We will definitely succeed.
My dear friends, it is critical that we preserve this sense of unity. It is essential that we reach out to those who voted for other candidates. We need this unity in order to move ahead. And in order to do so, we need to feel the support of every single member of our national community.
In our work, we will not be guided by any momentary considerations or vested interests. We will focus on the future of our great Motherland, and the future of our children. That way, we are poised for success. Thank you very much. Let us undertake a major, large-scale effort together in the name of Russia.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Vladimir Putin has cast his vote in the Russian presidential elections


The President of the Russian Federation voted at polling station No 2151, which is located at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Gagarinsky District, Moscow.

March 18, 2018

At polling station No. 2151 during Russian presidential elections.

At polling station No. 2151 during Russian presidential elections. Photo: RIA Novosti
* * *
Question: Mr President, what are your plans for the day?

Vladimir Putin: Work: I have a couple of work meetings scheduled.

Question: Which percentage of votes will you consider a success for you?

Vladimir Putin: Any number that will give me the right to perform the duties of the President of the Russian Federation.

Question: Mr President, it must be difficult for you to make a choice: voting for yourself is awkward. Or are you able to overcome this awkwardness?

Vladimir Putin:  Why? There is no need for me to overcome anything. I am confident in the correctness of the programme that I offer for the country’s development.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Presidential Address to the Nation


The incumbent President of the Russian Federation addressed the nation ahead of the March 18 presidential election.
March 16, 2018

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Citizens of Russia, friends,
We will have a presidential election this Sunday, March 18. As the incumbent president, I believe it is important to address you ahead of the voting.
Under the Constitution, people are the only source of power in the country. There is great meaning in this legal formula. The path we choose and the future of Russia and of our children depend on the will of the people and each Russian citizen.
Which candidate to choose, and how to realise one’s right to a free choice? The decision is a personal matter. But if you avoid taking a decision, the fundamental choice will be made without due regard for your opinion.
People in Russia always decided their future themselves, and they always acted according to their conscience, their personal understanding of truth and justice, as well as their love for the country. This is part of our national character, which the world knows about.
I am confident that every one of you is concerned about the country’s future. This is why I ask you to go to the polling stations this Sunday. Use your power to choose the future of our great country, Russia, which all of us hold dear.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Speech at the final event of Russia – Land of Opportunity forum


Speaking at the final event of ”Russia – Land of Opportunity“ forum.

Speaking at the final event of ”Russia – Land of Opportunity“ forum.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Friends, I am very happy to be here with you, participants of the Russia – Land of Opportunity forum.
People of various ages and occupations have gathered here, but all of you have something in common, something very important. All of you are talented, active, interesting and amazing people.
You have passed through various contests and festivals and have achieved positive results. We have many such people in Russia, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, from Murmansk and Arkhangelsk in the north to Sochi and Sevastopol.
I will say that Russia is interested in seeing each of you succeed because each success contributes to the success of our homeland, Russia. I would sincerely like you to achieve everything you are striving for of and dreaming of.
I know, of course, that many of you will implement your plans; in fact, all of you can do that. But in order to start this additional internal engine in each heart, I would like to ask each of you, can you do it?
Audience: Yes, I can!
Vladimir Putin: It would be difficult to expect a different answer from this audience. And our country, our homeland, our beloved Russia, expects and wants you to implement all your plans, all your dreams and ideas, because if this happens, the entire country will develop along with you. It will look forward to the future; it will be a country we will all be proud of. We are proud now, and will be in the future, too.
We will provide for its future, and we will do this together. Yes?
Audience: Yes!
Vladimir Putin: I wish you success. Thank you very much.

March 15, 2018

Russia – Land of Opportunity forum


Vladimir Putin met with the winners and finalists of different projects of the Russia – Land of Opportunity forum and delivered a speech at the closing event.
March 15, 2018

At a meeting with the winners and finalists of different projects of the ”Russia – Land of Opportunity“ forum.

Meeting with the winners and finalists of different projects of the ”Russia – Land of Opportunity“ forum.
VDNKh is hosting the forum on March 13–16, where 6,500 participants from 85 Russian regions at 35 different venues have been discussing support for the projects that are part of the open platform Russia Land of Opportunity.
The main task of the platform is to create a system of transparent social lifts, help talented young people and professionals achieve self-realisation in various fields, support charity and consolidate the best public initiatives.
* * *
Conversation with the winners and finalists of different projects of the Russia – Land of Opportunity forum
President of Russia Vladimir Putin: I can already start congratulating you – all of you are winners – and it is my pleasure to do so. I know you have passed through a selection process and achieved the best results in your categories, in the areas you liked, you chose and now work quite professionally in. I would like to wish you further success.
You have the microphone. I believe you would like to set the tone.
Pavel Sorokin: Mr President, let me welcome you on behalf of everyone here. First, I would like to thank you for supporting the project and the platform. I do not think we would have had this opportunity without your support.
A month ago, I met with you as a winner of Leaders of Russia with my colleagues, and, frankly speaking, I did not think that my life would change so much after that.
Vladimir Putin:  I said it was time to promote you. And you were promoted.
Pavel Sorokin: A bit.
Vladimir Putin:  A bit? I like that. You have become a deputy minister, and you say a bit? (Laughs.) You are all ambitious people, this is good.
 Pavel Sorokin: I meant a bit of the importance…
Vladimir Putin:  Have you become a deputy minister?
Pavel Sorokin: Yes, deputy minister. Thank you very much for your trust and for the chance to show what I can do. And, of course, for my boss, Alexander Novak, who supported it all.
I would like to say a little about the platform, about the last two days. It has been a very interesting experience, because I talked a lot with people from other countries and learned new things. The world is clustering a lot today, dividing into trades and specialities. There is a lot of specialisation.
I know this from my own experience, 12 years in the oil industry, you only mix with your own circle and tend to lose a broader outlook. The Leaders of Russia contest, the platform itself breaks down boundaries. I would never have come to meet so many people from different regions, from totally different areas. Here is my colleague Oleg Salagai, a medic, there was also Yevgeny Pokushalov, and many medical professionals. One might think that the oil industry and medicine have nothing in common.
Vladimir Putin: You have to get treatment after working in the oil industry.
P. Sorokin: This is exactly what you think – God forbid you get to know a doctor, unless you know one already. Whereas here I understand that I can learn a lot from them. And they also gain from this. And this lifting of boundaries allows for a different outlook, with bankers, doctors, students, schoolchildren, because the world is not just specialised, it is also competitive.
We all know there is a struggle for talent, for brains. And as you talk with school students here, the winners of contests, you feel both good and sad. It is good to see so many talented people, I will turn to one of these talents now. On the one hand, I understand that most of them have offers to go abroad – grants and studies that have already been paid for by foreign companies. And for a person to be able to progress here, in our country, they must be given not only money, they must have a platform and a chance to commercialise a study, that is, an opportunity to bring a product to a company and to the market. And actually, this is one of the tasks that is currently set before the ministry – to create a complete chain from A to Z so people can show their talent, reveal themselves.
And one more thing. When we were talking, since there are many gifted people in the Leaders of Russia, there was a strong need to set up some Leaders of Russia club for us to be able to exchange opinions, to discuss professional, internal topics. I think this is a very good initiative to support, so it does not come down to a one-time initiative, it could gather, accumulate the critical mass, then a flow of experience between generations and people will start.
Speaking of talent, sitting next to me is Yelizaveta, a very gifted young woman, winner in the I Am a Professional platform; I would like to give her the floor.
To be continued.